What is #taylorism

#taylorism is an online music collaboration project with artists from all over the world. It’s not about me or how well I play guitar or other instruments, it’s about music and the artists that perform.
Typically, the instrumental is initially written and later I try to find artists online that help me bring the song to a higher level working remotely with artists from many countries across the globe. Fiverr is my main source of talent, you can find pretty much everything on this platform, but you have to filter it correctly because there’s also a lot of noise but so far I’ve been able to find great session musicians for voice, drums, piano, sax, etc.
When I hire singers I usually also ask to write the lyrics or sometimes I write the lyrics myself or find someone online. Some artists prefer to stay anonymous but most are willing to share their identity.

Soon I’ll be sharing more information about this project and also will start posting the songs as soon as they are mixed and mastered properly,

Check the blog for more information about this project